American Modern Arnis Associates
Trainer, Instructor & Teacher Certification

American Modern Arnis has six separate levels of Instructional Proficiency/Certification. Each level also has minimum Technical Rank requirements as well as appropriate responsibilities and authority.

Trainer, Instructor & Teacher Certificates


Trainer             (Taga Pagsanay)        Green Belt (1st) or above
Basic Instructor    (Saligan Taga Pagturo) Brown Belt (1st) or above
Advanced Instructor (Abante Taga Pagturo)  Black Belt (1st) or above
Senior Instructor   (Punong Taga Pagturo)  Black Belt (3rd) or above
Teacher             (Guro)                 Black Belt (5th) or above
Senior Teacher      (Punong Guro)          Black Belt (8th) or above
System Founder      (Pundador)             Special & Unique


Society of Certified Trainers, Instructors and Teachers

Tom Bolden       (Senior Teacher/Founder)        New York     845 471-0742Peter Vargas     (Teacher)                       New York     914 490-7255Oscar Lopez      (Senior Instructor)             New York     845 656-0203Daniel Maiz      (Basic Instructor)              ConnecticutPaul Gerardi     (Basic Instructor)              ConnecticutFrank Holst      (Basic Instructor)              New YorkFelix Rosado     (Trainer)                       New YorkHal Riker        (Trainer)                       ConnecticutHeidi Langley    (Trainer)                       New YorkColetta Marino   (Trainer)                       New YorkEden Decker      (Trainer)                       New York     Deceased RIPAri Kaplan       (Trainer)                       CaliforniaCarlos Castro    (Trainer)                       New York     845 494-6361Fred Livingston  (Trainer)                       New YorkAlex Gombach     (Trainer)                       New Jersey

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