AMAA Trainer, Instructor & Teacher Certification
Requirements, Responsibilities & Authority

Senior Teacher (Punong Guro)

Certification Requirements
Senior Teacher is the highest instructional level/title and is reserved for the Head Teacher of the American Modern Arnis System. The Senior Teacher holds a minimum technical ranking of 8th Degree Black Belt (Lakan/Dayang Walo) in the American Modern Arnis Associates.

Responsibilities & Authority
The Senior Teacher is the person charged with the overall responsibility for establishing and enforcing the technical, artistic and instructional standards of the AMAA. The Senior Teacher is responsible for examining Black Belt and Instructor/Teacher candidates. Examinations may be conducted personally by the Senior Teacher, by the Senior Teacher as part of a Black Belt Examination Board or by a Black Belt Examination Board with the Senior Teacher acting in a supervisory capacity. Black Belt promotions and Instructor Certifications can only be granted by the American Modern Arnis Associates's Senior Teacher.


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