AMAA System Founder/Head

System Founder (Pundador)

Special & Unique
The title of "Pundador" is reserved for the founder of the American Modern Arnis System. There can only ever be one "Pundador" of the AMAA! This makes the title Special and Unique! "Pundador" trancends technical ranking and instructional status. "Pundador" is the Seed and Light from which the AMAA grows!

Responsibilities & Authority
The "Pundador" is the head of the American Modern Arnis System and has ultimate responsibility and authority regarding all AMAA matters. The "Pundador" however may delegate to the Senior Teacher, any responsibilities and authority as required/necessary for the Senior Teacher to act in The "Pundador's" stead! Currently in the AMAA, The "Pundador" also holds the title of Senior Teacher!



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