AMAA Instructor and Teacher Certification
Requirements, Responsibilities and Authority

Teacher (Guro)

Certification Requirements
This certification level has been established for those practitioners who already hold Senior Instructor's Certification and who have attained a minimum technical ranking of Black Belt 5th Degree (Lakan/Dayang Lima) or above in the American Modern Arnis Associates. Candidates for this certification level must be widely recognized in the AMAA for their dedication to excellence and contributions to the growth and development of American Modern Arnis. Typically, Teacher Candidates will be known for the high technical quality and ability of their students and for having developed at least seven (7) students to the level of Black Belt/Advanced Instructor. At this level candidates will also be expected to have conducted research resulting in the development of significant innovations relating to the application and teaching of American Modern Arnis concepts, principles and philosophies. The candidate must be examined by the American Modern Arnis Associates' Senior Teacher who will be a member of an optional four (4) person Black Belt Examination Board, not to include the candidate's instructor. Certification can only be granted by the American Modern Arnis Associates' Senior Teacher

Responsibilities and Authority
Teachers will be responsible for the guidance, supervision and training of lower ranked Trainers, Basic Instructors, Advanced Instructors and Senior Instructors and for establishing and maintaining the highest level of American Modern Arnis proficiency among them. Teachers will also be responsible for serving on Black Belt Examination Boards for Trainer, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor, Senior Instructor and Teacher candidates and for supporting and coordinating area American Modern Arnis Associates events. Teachers may promote students and issue rank up to the level of Brown Belt 3rd Degree, recommend candidates for promotion to a Black Belt level which is one (1) below their own technical rank and recommend candidates for Instructor's Certification. Black Belt promotions and Instructor's Certifications can only be granted by the American Modern Arnis Associates' Senior Teacher.



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