Modern Arnis - Saavedra Eskrima - Pancipanci Eskrima

American Modern Arnis Associates

• American Modern Arnis Incorporated

• American Modern Arnis Society

Founded and Incorporated, New York, USA 1993

Our Mission

American Modern Arnis Associates Is an International Corporation, founded for the purpose of continually advancing and promoting the highest standards of excellence in American Modern Arnis and the Filipino Martial Arts In general.

Our Motto

"Arnis Excellence, Skill Is Rank"

Logo Colors, Symbols and Slogans

• Red, White, Blue and Gold - The combined colors of the American and Filipino flags

• Black Background - Represents the "Great Void" from which all knowledge is derived

• Negrito Bolo, Bastons and Closed Fist - Represents the weapon and empty hand phases of the Filipino Martial Arts

• Octagon and Eight Pointed Star - Represents angles of offensive attack and directions of defensive movement

• Equilateral Triangle - Represents the base/three foundational pillars (Art, Science and Spirit) of Filipino Martial Arts

American Modern Arnis Society

The Society of Certified AMAA Teachers, Instructors and Trainers

Filipino Martial Arts Legacy

The Filipino Martial Arts better known as Arnis, Eskrima or Kali, were developed in the Philippines over hundreds/thousands of years of tribal warfare. They were influenced by various cultures including the Hindus, Chinese, Malays, Muslims and Spanish to name a few. Traditionally these arts were blade/weapons based and were constantly refined and tested via tribal combat. As with many weapons based martial arts, versatile and effective empty hand techniques, methods and strategies were derived from the use of the weapons. In the modern practice of Filipino Martial Arts, classical training methods have been modified (IE the use of sticks in lieu of blades) for safety, while classical combat strategies and philosophies have been adapted for effective weapon and empty hand applications in modern western urban/street environments.


International Headquarters
99 Garden Street
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. USA 12601

(845) 471-0742


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